Dingle's most famous resident...

Unfortunately Fungie has not been sighted since October 2020 so tours are currently cancelled


History of "Fungie": In 1984, Paddy Ferriter, the Dingle Harbour lighthouse keeper, first began watching a lone wild dolphin escort the town's fishing boats to and from port. By August of that year, local Ministry of Marine manager Kevin Flannery was able to officially record the dolphin as a "permanent" resident of the entrance channel and self-appointed "pilot" of the fleet.

"Fungie" Facts: The Dingle Dolphin or Fungie - the name given to him by the fishermen - is a fully grown, middle aged, male bottlenose. He weighs in at around one-quarter tonne (500 lbs.) and measures in the region of four metres (13 feet). He is estimated be under 40 years old and could have a lifespan of 50 to 60 years.

"Fungie's" Playground: He normally played in a small area from the middle of the harbour out to the Lighthouse, however when salmon are running he hunted them further out into Dingle Bay. He regularly escorted boats entering and leaving the harbour and loved to play with small boats/ribs and sailing dinghies.

Entertaining visitors and locals alike since 1983!

So popular is Fungie that a statue has been erected in his honour at the pier in Dingle. He regularly escorts boats entering and leaving the harbour and loves to play with small boats/ribs and sailing dinghies.
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